Vanc App "Vancomycin Intermittent Dosing Calculator for Young Infants" is a dosing calculator for individualised intermittent vancomycin dosing in young infants and recommends the dose required to achieve the target trough concentration at steady state (24-48 hours after commencing vancomycin) based on an individual's post-menstrual age, weight and serum creatinine level. The Vanc App "Vancomycin Area Under the Curve Calculator" uses an individual's post-menstrual age, weight, serum creatinine, trough concentration at steady state, dose and dosing interval to predict the area under the concentration-time curve at 24-48 hours (AUC24-48). Vanc App calculators are intended for use in young infants aged 0 to 90 days with a post-menstrual age ≥ 25 weeks and weight ≥ 500 grams. They have not been validated in young infants with abnormal renal function, those receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation or renal replacement therapy. Vanc App should not be used for young infants with a known allergy to glycopeptide antibiotics. Vanc App is based on a published population pharmacokinetic model (Gwee et al, JAMA Pediatrics 2019 173:8) and was validated in a multicentre prospective clinical trial (Wilkins et al, Int J Antimicrob Agents 2023 61:3). Read the full Terms of Use

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